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When you’re not around

When you’re not around I miss bumping my nose and forehead into your face, softly. I realize you might think I’m a bit annoying at times, but I find it rather cute. It only means I like you.

 When you’re not around I lay in the sun, breathing slowly. I think about you and wait for you to get back. I have realized though, that there’s no need to stay up, wait by the door, I’d rather pass time sleeping.

 When you’re not around I realize what love and luxury you supply me with. You stroke my hair whenever I’m in your lap and you always make me dinner. You clean up my messes and you tell me you love me. Sometimes it seems you would do anything to keep me happy. Even when I puke on the floor.

 When you’re not around je suis perdu. I view the paintings on the walls. There’s you, there’s me, there’s us. I like the pictures with us. You seem so happy just to be with me and I am happy that I can just be with you too, every day! Sometimes I can’t believe you actually chose between so many others and came to the conclusion that you liked me the best. I didn’t choose you, even though I like you, but you actually chose me. But… does it make me happy?

  When you’re not around I crawl under your bed to see if I can find any of your belongings… because I miss your smell. I wonder why you always leave me.

  When you’re not around I feel imprisoned and alone. I don’t know what to do with my life some days. The world feels small and I nearly climb the walls. I sometimes scratch them. I believe that if I scratch the same place every day I might get out at some point.

 When you’re not around I’m most likely to sit on the remote and turn the TV on. It’s unfortunate because I don’t know how to turn it off again. When the commercial is on, I laugh on the inside. Your kind, so puny…

 When you’re not around I try to open every cupboard. Hopefully, I’ll even drag something out of there. On a lucky day, I spread flour all over your floor and then I watch you clean it up. It’s my only entertainment.

When you’re not around I think about the way others view me. Many seem to misunderstand me. Like when you bring someone home and I immediately know they’re not like me… or you! As soon as they see me they just seem to dislike me. They get upset and then they blame me for becoming upset with them?! I don’t get your other friends. Why are you on their side? I have heard you say that we don’t get along naturally and that we are like black and white, yin and yang, cats and dogs. I don’t even know what a dog is at this point.

When you’re not around I think about something you should think about too: Who am I?

Skriven av: Klara Joelsson

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